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Free From Anxiety

At some point, we all encounter emotional distress. It’s part of modern life, but its impact varies enormously from person to person.

You may be feeling a whole range of different emotions. From being a bit lost or alone, to stressed, angry, frustrated or even terrified. It could be that there’s something in your life that now you want to address or may be you’re just not happy, you can’t see a “good” reason why, but you know that something is missing or “not quite right” in your life.

My aim is to help you make sense of these emotions, to understand why and help you manage these feelings into the future, not just in the short term. As a result, I see our work as self development, rather than therapy.

You may only need a couple of sessions to give you the tools to manage a difficult situation or you may decide to invest more time in yourself. Over the years, I have helped clients with:

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Freedom From Emotional Distress